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Why See a Kid's Dentist in Burbank, CA?

Just as it’s important to find a pediatrician that can provide your child with the very best health care, it’s just as important to find a dentist that can meet your child's dental needs. Your child’s primary teeth will begin to erupt usually around six months old. By the time your child turns one year old, it’s recommended that they see a pediatric dentist for their first checkup.

Of course, primary teeth will fall out and be replaced by permanent teeth by around the age of seven years old. During these periods of intense development having a pediatric dentist who understands these changes and potential issues is paramount.

Here at Burbank Pediatric Dentistry, we provide a full range of pediatric services, catering to children of all ages. Children should visit the dentist twice a year for routine checkups and cleanings. Professional cleanings, or prophylactics, is one of the best preventive measures you and your child can take to protect their growing

Kids Dentist Burbank, CA

smile from decay and gum disease. After all, approximately one in four children under the age of four will develop a cavity and the increase in cavities just grows by the age of two.

The goal of our pediatric dentists is to prevent dental problems whenever possible and to also detect issues early on when they are much easier to treat and haven’t caused severe issues or complications. We know that cavities are common among young children and along with making sure they come in for their routine cleanings Burbank Pediatric Dentistry also offers fluoride treatment and dental sealants, which can also reduce your child’s risk for cavities. If your child is at a particularly high risk for developing cavities these preventive dental treatments could offer your child the additional protection they need for a healthier smile.

Dental sealants are plastic coatings that are applied to the chewing surface of your child’s molars where decay is most likely to develop. Sealants can protect these back teeth for many years, along with proper brushing and flossing. Fluoride treatment can also keep your child’s developing teeth strong and healthy, and can even re-mineralize the enamel to reverse very early signs of decay.

Of course, when accidents or problems do arise, our pediatric dentists can also treat and restore the tooth. From dental fillings and crowns to orthodontic treatment, we have everything that your child needs. Whether you want to find out if your child could benefit from braces or you want to talk to us about how to properly floss your child's teeth, our dentists are here to help.

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